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Global Connections’ Tax Assistance Program helps international students and scholars who are non-resident aliens for tax purposes to file their federal, state, and local income tax forms. International students and scholars are assisted by trained volunteers through appointments. These appointments are typically held every year from early March through mid-April.

Information for students and scholars:

Appointments begin after WinStar tax software is released to students by DISSA. This notification will be sent to your PSU email address in late February or early March.

Process to book an appointment:
1. Confirm that you are categorized as Non-Resident for tax purposes using the questionnaire sent by DISSA.
2. If you are confirmed as a Non-Resident, submit the PSU liability waiver you receive by email.
3. In 1-2 business days, receive the software password and link via email.
4. After using the software, come in and schedule an appointment with a tax advisor if you still have questions.

Forms you may receive from an employer, the university, et cetera:

• W-2 (Issued by an employer, statement of taxable earnings and tax withheld)
• 1042-S (Issued by PSU, statement of scholarship and/or amount exempt by treaty)
• 1099-G (Issued by state or local government to report refunds of income tax)
• 1098-T (Issued by PSU, reports tuition paid to the university)
• 1099 (Issued by a client to an independent contractor)

ALL non-residents for tax purposes must file Form 8843. If you did not receive any income in 2017 (income includes scholarships, fellowships, etc.) this is the only form you will file.

If you did receive income in 2017, you MAY have to file any of the following forms:

taxes forms
Get Tax Assistance

Appointments are available to individuals or married couples only after they have received access to tax preparation software from the Penn State University Office of Global Programs and have attempted to fill out their tax information. After using the tax software program, individuals or couples may make an appointment with a tax volunteer. To receive assistance, participants must bring all tax-related documents and forms with them to meet with a tax volunteer at the previously scheduled appointment time.

When appointments become available, we recommend that you make your appointment as soon as possible. This is a free program that utilizes the help of volunteer tax advisors. Appointment availability is not guaranteed. In most cases, we will not schedule appointments by phone or email. You must come to the Global Connections office to schedule your appointment.

*The deadline for filing taxes for the 2017 calendar year is Tuesday, April 17th, 2018.

Volunteer to Help with the Tax Assistance Program

Each year, Global Connections Tax Assistance Volunteers help hundreds of individuals from more than 55 countries around the world. If you would like to volunteer to help with this program, please contact Global Connections. Volunteers are encouraged to work a minimum of one 4-hour shift per week, from early March through mid-April. Our volunteers also help international students at the Penn State Hershey campus.

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