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On this page, you will find the State College Area Resources List provided by Global Connections, A list of our collaborated organizations and their helpful resources for international individuals, and a Blog contributed by many Global Connections friends who offered personal perspectives of their intercultural experiences.

State College Community Resource List

This is a guide for where to find international restaurants, groceries, cultural resources, English language classes/tutoring, community and family resources, office supplies and used items, housing/transportation information, and much more!

Click on the image to the right to download. To reprint, please contact us for permission.

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Collaborated Organizations and Helpful Information
Mid-State Literacy Council

The Mid-State Literacy Council is a non-profit group providing adult education instruction in Centre and Clearfield Counties. The Council offers basic literacy, English as a Second Language, and family literacy services to adults who are in need of the basic communication skills needed to navigate through their day-to-day activities. For individuals who need English classes, please see Council’s homepage for the most updated class schedule.

Centre County Women's Resource Center: CCWRC

Centre County Women’s Resource Center is a nonprofit organization to empower survivors of sexual or domestic violence, and to work toward the elimination of such violence through their crisis intervention providing safety and shelter to survivors, services including a 24-hour crisis hotline, education for wide community members, and advocacy supporting and improving community-wide systems and resources for survivors.

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Thrive International Programs

Thrive International Programs is a non-profit organization located at Williamsport, PA to equips international individuals with increased language proficiency and cultural competence as well as provides affordable immigration legal assistance.

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Blog—A Souce of Personal Perspectives on Cultural Experiences

Read on for personal stories and perspectives from Global Connections friends about their experiences in our programs or with another culture. Interested in sharing your stories? Please contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

Italian Cultural Lunch: Pappa al Pomodoro (Tomato Bread Soup)

Italian Cultural Lunch: Pappa al Pomodoro (Tomato Bread Soup)

Make Jacopo Terzaroli's delicious Italian Pappa al Pomodoro yourself. You'll find the recipe here.
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Italian Cultural Lunch: Coccio Meat Sauce

Make Jacopo Terzaroli's delicious Italian Coccio Meat Sauce yourself. You'll find the recipe here.
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Chemo Tsitsinatela

Chemo Tsitsinatela

Salome sang a song from Georgia, her home country, at the International Children’s Festival on April 6. Those who missed it have the chance to listen to a recording and read the lyrics.
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What’s in a Name…?

What’s in a Name…?

Omasalewa Akintilo from Nigeria offered two different activities from her country at the Children's Festival. Here she explains the ceremony that takes place to name a child.
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