Global Connections ESL Book Groups

Global Connections book groups are a chance for individuals to practice reading, speaking and comprehending English.  Each book group is run by one or more volunteer leaders and meet on a regular basis based on the schedules of the individuals in the group.

Book groups  usually meet face to face but have adapted to meeting online for the safety of participants during the pandemic.  Please contact Susan Steinberg at [email protected] if you are interested in joining a book group or if you are interested in becoming a volunteer leader.


The Beginner/Intermediate Book Group

Our group continues to thrive and we now have space in our group for new members.

In our group, we take turns reading aloud, because our members want to work on their pronunciation.   An impromptu English lesson often results from questions from the members. The books we have read are largely based on American history (either historical fiction or biographies).  This brings up many of the more problematic parts of our nation’s history, such as racism and sexism, which provide our members with a more nuanced and factual understanding of the United States. This also helps members understand what is happening in our country currently.

We also use our weekly book group time as a way to stay connected to each other and share news about each other’s lives.  This has been especially important in this time of COVID19 and I believe everyone has grown to appreciate the group beyond the reading!