Global Connections offers a variety of programs throughout the year. These programs are both fun and purposeful, and help connect people from different backgrounds for enriching experiences and meaningful relationships. All programs are free of charge, unless otherwise indicated. We welcome all area residents, including but not limited to students, scholars,  immigrants, their families, and community residents, to participate by volunteering in these programs.

Click on the links below to learn more each program. To join,  sign up today to volunteer (all participants are considered volunteers).

English Language Classes

Our English Language Classes (also called ESL) are offered weekly for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of English practice and are comprised of international students, community members, refugees, and immigrants.
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Small Group Programs

I. Arts & Crafts Group

Local artist and wonderful volunteers Lisa and Kelly lead this friendly and fun crafting group where participants can chat in English while engaging in creative projects. Participants gather twice each month to create something beautiful and meet people from all over the world.

Learn more about Conversation & Crafts Group

II. Women’s Intercultural Book Groups

Our Women’s Intercultural Book Groups match native English speakers with small groups of international women to read and discuss literature. These book group meetings offer internationals opportunities to read varied materials in English, practice English informally, and provide a forum for intercultural dialogue and social interaction.

Learn more about the Women’s Intercultural Book Groups

III. Making Sense of the American Experience

The United States can be a perplexing country to understand, especially for a foreign visitor or student trying to adjust to their new circumstances. Why are Americans so patriotic? Why do Americans insist on the right to possess weapons? This group seeks to tackle some of the thornier issues that confront international visitors and provide helpful insights into US society and culture. 

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Disclaimer: By participating in Global Connections programs and events, you agree to the following—Global Connections programs and events are provided with no special warranty either express or implied. Global Connections, its employees, and its board members assume no liability for any loss, theft, damage, or injury to property or persons whether arising in contract, negligence, equity, or otherwise. Participation in Global Connections programs and events is considered “at your own risk.” All participants must use due care to ensure personal safety.