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Celebrate cultural diversity, connect locally and globally!

Welcome to Global Connections, the heart of intercultural connections in Centre County and beyond. No matter where you are from, or what native language you speak, you are welcome here. Explore our website for resources to help internationals transition, integrate, and succeed, opportunities to share, experience, and immerse in diverse cultures, and the chance to connect with friends from all over the world.

Global Connections, cultivating interpersonal relationships and building bridges across cultures, one connection at a time.

News and Events

2018 Fall Welcome Picnic!

You are invited to this year’s Fall Welcome Picnic! The event details are listed below:

Time: September 9th, 2018 from 4:00-6:00 pm
Location: Tudek Park, Pavilion #, 400 Herman Dr, State College, PA 16803
This fun, casual event will feature food, an African drum group, games, and a chance to meet internationally-minded neighbors in the area!

We will be catering chicken and beverages (water and lemonade) but we ask that attendees also bring a dish to share! Please provide a serving utensil if your dish requires one and label it with your name. If you bring a dish from your country which might be unfamiliar to other, please provide a place card with the dish’s name and country of origin.

We also ask that all possible allergens or other dietary notes (Halal, Kosher, vegan, etc.) for each dish be listed on a place card. For example: Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Milk, Soy, etc.

We also encourage attendees to bring lawn or outdoor games, such as sporting goods, cornhole, frisbee, etc.

Thank you and hope to see you September 9th!

Annual Friendship Welcome Picnic 2018
State College Rotary - Youth Exchange Host Families Needed!

State College Downtown Rotary is in need of host families who reside in the State College School District for two youth exchange students: a 17 year old female from Brazil and a 17 year old male from Ecuador. Host families for the second half of the academic year (late December through June) have already been identified. Host families are needed beginning late August and do not need to be Rotarians. We can consider a family if they could not provide for the entire August to December period, but we can’t move forward until the initial host families have been obtained.

Host family responsibilities:

Rotary Youth Exchange host families provide room and board for the exchange student. Families are also expected to exercise general parental supervision over the student just as you would your own children, and involve him or her in daily household chores and activities.

Most host families’ involvement with their student does not stop at room and board. The families often share their native background while also learning about their visitors’ culture. This does not mean that you have to arrange elaborate entertainment, but simply make the student a part of your family. Give him or her the opportunity to share in the same aspects of your family life that most teenage students experience in your culture.

Nate Elephant pic4

Other suggested host family responsibilities include:
* meeting your exchange student on arrival in your country and making the student feel at home as part of the family;
* helping the student master the language;
* involving the student in obligations similar to those established for your own family members;
* helping the student meet Rotary obligations, which usually include attending Rotary functions, including club and/or district meetings;
* seeing that the student meets other young people;
* providing a safe environment for the student and ensuring the student’s safety;
* being tolerant of differences and willing to change your own ideas.

Additional information is available at

Questions or interest may be expressed to [email protected]

Save the Date for 2018 Fall Cultural Luncheon - Ghana

Save the Date for our upcoming Cultural Luncheon – Ghana on October 17th!

The RSVP link will be available in the coming weeks, mark your Calendar now!

10-17-18 Ghana Flyer updated
English Language Classes - 2018 Fall

Our Fall English Language Class schedule is finalized! Please check Here for full schedules and more information.

Fall English Classes
Making Sense of the American Experience

The United States can be a perplexing country to understand, especially for a foreign visitor or student trying to adjust to their new circumstances. Why are Americans so patriotic? Why do Americans insist on the right to possess weapons? This group seeks to tackle some of the thornier issues that confront international visitors and provide helpful insights into US society and culture. This will be a safe and supportive opportunity for international participants to ask questions. Americans who reside in the State College area will be invited to express their views, share their values, and offer their perspectives. Discussion leader Bob Persiko will introduce each session with some basic principles and facilitate the dialogue in the interest of promoting mutual understanding. Please Sign-up Here!

MSTAE flyer – Fall 2018
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