Welcome to Global Connections, the heart of intercultural connections in Centre County and beyond. No matter where you are from, or what native language you speak, you are welcome here. Explore our website for resources to help internationals transition, integrate, and succeed, opportunities to share, experience, and immerse in diverse cultures, and the chance to connect with friends from all over the world.

Global Connections, cultivating interpersonal relationships and building bridges across cultures, one connection at a time. Join us as a volunteer for the following programs and events.


Global Connections Profile: meet the Lucky and Brave Baktygul Issabekova

Do you know anyone who has won the United States Diversity Visa (Green Card) lottery? If your answer is “No,” Global Connections has a surprise for you. Allow us to introduce a very lucky woman, Baktygul Issabekova. But, besides being lucky, she is also remarkably...

Sign up to Amazon Smiles and help Global Connections at no cost to you

Did you know that you could help Global Connections simply by using Amazon? When you shop at smile.amazon.com, Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchases - at no cost to you. So, if you want an easy way to contribute to Global Connections, please just...

Know the elected Global Connections’ officers

Robert (Bob) Persiko was re-elected Global Connections' president at the November 9 general membership meeting. This is Bob's third term as president.  Anna Borisova de Valdez was chosen to be the new secretary. Marco Damasceno is the new public relations...

English Teachers Needed

Global Connections currently offers one weekly English class, conducted virtually, whose members are at the intermediate-to-advanced level. We might offer a more basic English class if we have a teacher and sufficient students to justify the offering. The target...

Volunteer interpreters and translators

We are often asked if we have any members who could volunteer to interpret for an individual in the community who doesn’t speak English. The need is occasional, and most requests come from the State College Area School District for cases involving immigrant families...

GC annual membership meeting is coming

All active members are invited to attend the annual membership meeting and officer election on Wednesday, November 9, 7:00-8:00, via Zoom.  Two items of business require approval: 1.     A temporary suspension of the one-year term limit on the office of President in...

GC highlight: Bruce Truitt

“I live my life like a dog,” says Bruce Truitt.  “I sniff all the corners for something new.” This was the amazing quote from our interview, and it describes exactly how brave he is. Gutsy, enthusiastic, dynamic and bright in everything he does. He is a multi-lingual...

A month full of events for GC members

On Sep 18th, Global Connections celebrated our annual membership picnic at Tudek Park with a catered luau. We had the chance to interact with long-term members and newcomers, both international and American residents, we usually do not have the opportunity to see in...

GC highlight: Kiyomi Masamune uses the education as a way to transform the world 

This gentle yet influential woman has found in education the opportunity to contribute to society and transform the world we live in. We recently spoke with Kiyomi Masamune, a Ph.D. candidate at Penn State University, about her long experience living abroad. Kiyomi is...

If you are looking to extend your palate and enrich your cultural understanding, come to our cultural luncheons.

Join our conversation group called Making Sense of the American Culture.

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“Global Connections is my first home here and I feel connected to that. Last year before joining the discussion group, I was so depressed and felt alone. I didn’t have motivation to go out even for a walk, because I was thinking I don’t belong here. But yesterday (June 4 2022) I had so many friends to have a picnic with and spend time with, and it’s all because of you and your efforts to make a friendly welcoming environment for new people.”

Maryam Barzegar

Iranian immigrant and Global Connections secretary

“It gives me a meaningful way to connect with other people and  other cultures, continue my background in international relations and keep my language skills alive. The best part of being a GC  member is that Global Connections is an organization that is trying to facilitate and develop an international presence in a largely monocultural environment.”

Bruce Truitt

Multi-lingual auditor, analyst, consultant, educator, musician and American Global Connections Member

“Global connections is much more than  an organization that will help you to improve your English. In my case, it is my support system here, I have met great and loving friends through global connections, and it has helped me grow and the  courage to reinvent myself as an artist.”

Andrea Silva

Artist, midwife, Chilean immigrant and Global Connections member