About The Women’s Intercultural Book Groups

The Women’s Intercultural Book Groups program matches native English-speakers with small groups of international women to read and discuss literature. These book group meetings offer internationals opportunities to read varied materials in English, practice English informally, and provide a forum for intercultural dialogue and social interaction.

The program runs year-round and has open enrollment. Global Connections’ goal is to create groups based on individuals’ schedules, transportation availability, and related interests. Groups vary in their choices of literature (short stories, novels, magazine articles, etc.), meeting times, and locations.

Volunteer native English-speakers are always needed to facilitate the book groups. No experience is necessary, and facilitators can choose a meeting time and location that works best for them. The book group facilitator coordinates the group meetings, helps to secure the reading materials for participants, facilitates group discussion as needed, provides answers to questions about English usage, vocabulary, or idioms, and adds her own perspective to intercultural dialogue. If you are interested in facilitating a book group, please contact Susan Steinberg at [email protected] or [email protected].