Notice of the revision of the current bylaws with the linked proposed amendments for the Global Connections (GC) Bylaws to be considered by the membership of the board of directors Global Connections at the annual meeting on August 8  at  5:00 pm is hereby given.

The proposed bylaws revisions were provided by a professional parliamentarian, reviewed and accepted by the executive committee and are now presented for your consideration.

The revision process will include consideration of the proposed revision seriatim – article, by article and whenever an article has more than one section, section by section.

Amendments from the floor will be considered and will be require a majority to vote to pass. Each article will be passed by a majority vote. A final majority vote will be required for acceptance of the entire bylaw revision.

Recommended by:  

Global Connections Executive Committee


Global Connections (GC) as an organization needs a correct, current set of bylaws that conform with expectations of our parliamentary authority, Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised and that are reflective of a member driven organization.

Executive Committee recommendation:



This amendment shall go into effect immediately upon adoption.