Global Connections Volunteer Opportunities

As we ramp up the new Global Connections organization, many people are asking, “How can I help?”. We thank you in advance for your willingness to support the organization!

We have created a new volunteer opportunity listing with specific tasks as requested by officers and committee chairs.  Please refer to this list and email the officer or committee chair who posted the announcement.  Many thanks for your support of Global Connections!

Click here to access the list of Global Connection Volunteer Opportunities

2020 Global Connections Officer Ballot

Per our adopted bylaws, the Nominating Committee has provided the following ballot for elections at the annual meeting in November.  Please note that we do not have nominees for two offices and will continue recruit candidates.  If you have a suggestion for a potential nominee or would like to volunteer, please contact Susan Steinburg at [email protected].

President: Melanie Miller Foster

Vice President: Bob Persiko

Treasurer: Bruce Truitt

Past President:  Susan Steinberg

Secretary: vacant until filled

Public Relations: vacant until filled


Our Women’s Intercultural Book Groups match native English speakers with small groups of international women to read and discuss literature. These book group meetings offer internationals opportunities to read varied materials in English, practice English informally, and provide a forum for intercultural dialogue and social interaction.